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Three stores. Lots of time on-line. No dice. December is not the time to find a ceiling fan (quickly).

So when I was out running errands this evening, #2 daughter and I spotted this:

No, there is no fan attached. But we think it goes with our kitchen styling, with the pendant lights, and with the general kitchen hardware.


Other cool things today…

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  • The doors are in to the basement, closet and pantry. One of our problems is that we have very narrow hallways. Regular doors completely block the walking space. These French doors will allow for easy in and out, especially for the basement and the hall closet. (Why are they called “French” doors? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?) You can’t see the powder room door from these photos, but the new handsets are on.
  • George pulled back part of the tarps covering the patio so that we could sneak a peek at the design. I LOVE it. Now, if only it weren’t 60 below. We’d enjoy some time outside.
  • Henry is getting far too used to being on the counters. Sigh…
  • The painting crew was here an extra day trying to get their part done before the floors are finished next week. George gave up a Saturday to make that happen. (Thanks, George!) I’ll take pictures in daylight so that you can see. It looks GREAT.

Things are happening, but I confess to having less patience because it seems glacial in its pace. I would like it all to be done now. However, I appreciate that the AWDB team is taking its time and doing things right! So yes – we will be patient. We’ve got about 3+ weeks to go! But here’s the progress we CAN see!

  • The sink and faucet are installed and working
  • The footers have been poured for the new patio
  • The crown molding is starting to go up
  • The fridge is in place!!! (Here was a headache that George, the über-carpenter had to solve: the older, narrow doors on this house meant that the doors and drawers had to be removed so that they could get the fridge inside. Note to self: remember that in future appliance choices in remodeling!)
  • The replacement baseboard is up in parts of the first floor.

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Henry (main dude boss cat) has checked out the window overlooking the bird feeders and back yard and pronounced it good. I’m glad that is settled.

Next week the electrical box repair/heavy up should happen and the painters begin their prep. In the midst of that, our college girl comes home for Thanksgiving break, I have 3 days straight of on-call for  the holiday weekend, and we are negotiating how and where we will have Thanksgiving dinner. (For some reason, no one wants to come to the hospital with me and have a cafeteria food! Go figure!)

I have packed my last box available. I even emptied a ream of paper out of the printer paper box… and…. we’re out.


So on a quick stop at the grocery, I found myself eyeing the boxes that produce came in. I checked. No, none were available. Dropped by the friendly liquor store, and no dice. Monday is box crushing day. I decided to head home, particularly after a rather dismal morning on errands.

I did purchase some over-sized ones for larger items, but I just don’t want to spend more money on “little” ones.