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Man. What a difference. There were 18 people here for Thanksgiving. And we were able to seat them ALL. The kids (6 of them) sat at the breakfast bar. They loved that. The adults enjoyed a buffet meal and then a lengthy meal of laughter and joy around the table.

I am SO happy we have this new space. 🙂

Yesterday I had a massive cooking session, the first one I’ve done solo since the kitchen was finished. Oh, I have done little projects here and there with batch cooking when there were loss-leaders on chicken or other cuts of lean meat. But this was my first once-a-month-cooking day in a whole year. Part of that I’ll chalk up to being too busy to plan it. And the other was that I needed motivation to get past the casual, more laid-back pace of summer.

Well, that motivation came when I realized that as of next week I’ll be back on a chaplain’s schedule, with limited free time (and pretty tired when I do have it.) So I cranked out a BUNCH of things and have them in the freezer. You can read more about them on my cooking blog. Most of the recipes are up there too. 🙂

I have to say, though, having the SPACE and EQUIPMENT available to do this massive cooking job was pure joy. As you’ll see from the slideshow, I think I used every inch of space. And I loved being able to spread out and really utilize it. The dining room was my staging area for ingredients, just steps away. (I used to stack things on the floor!) The apples you’ll see are becoming a pie as soon as I stop playing on the computer (which happens to be handily located on the kitchen desk! 🙂 )

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So many times I have seen remodeling jobs which are just showcase kitchens (i.e. they look purty but you can’t work in them). Our kitchen is not only beautiful, but highly functional. We love it. And at the moment, it sure smells great!


P.S. a special “get well” to George, our lead carpenter.

Settling in

Posted: 12/28/2010 in loving our new space, real life

Thanks to a LOT of help from the girls and Ken, we have begun the process of settling back in to the first floor of the house. It sounds crazy, but when you’ve spent over 3 months basically out of one floor of your house, it’s like moving in all over again.

For two trash/recycling days in a row, we have had a MONSTROUS amount of boxes and packing paper to put out. Last night it was especially challenging because the winds were so high. Packing tape to the rescue! Ken taped large sections of boxes together and wedged them in place until morning.

Then there’s the whole challenge of “where is the…?” game. I still haven’t found some of the things that I would put up or want to use (pictures, candlesticks, cooling racks for cookies) because they are still MIA. I did find the Christmas decorations that were “MUSTs” – stockings, tree ornaments and lights.  But all in all, things are going well. And as an added bonus, I moved eight boxes of clutter to GoodWill to benefit someone else. We also are giving furniture to friends who have a contract on their first house — and that in itself is a blessing. Sharing what we have is one of our key values.

Here’s a few shots around the first floor. Still a little messy, but we’re loving it and you can tell it’s a “lived in” home! Oh yeah, and the Crème brûlée from Chef CJ?  YUM!!! (You would have loved it too!)

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