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Posted: 05/21/2014 in just an update

So over on my bathroom remodeling blog, I’ve posted close to my last post. All I have left to do is take photos of the newly renovated spaces and post them. But you’ll like what you can see.

What a difference! So jog on over there!

And now…. a pergola!

Posted: 06/15/2011 in just an update

We always called it an “arbor” — only to discover that it is properly called a “pergola.” Not to be confused with a “cupola”. Anyway, it’s been redesigned and rebuilt. And we think it looks pretty nice! 🙂 It’s the next-to-the-last stop in our remodeled kitchen being completed. One of the last bits yet to be done is a small amount of yard reconstruction. (The grass has never really forgiven us for the traffic and construction crews!) And for our part, we have to find the screws that hold on the outdoor fan blades! (Now where did we put them???!!!!!)

The pergola has re-purposed three of the six lattice panels from the old structure. The lattice helps with shade from the later afternoon sun, and also gives a little privacy. But it doesn’t spoil the view of the yard and our assorted critters, as Henry shows us. The human members of the household have found the new patio and pergola a pleasant place to chill. We had a wonderful supper outside the other night in one of those rare, low humidity, pleasant June nights.

Enjoy the views of the kitchen through the big window, too. 🙂

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P.S. Forgot to mention! (Sorry, Joel!) The pergola was designed and built by Fine Earth Landscape, Inc.  We really appreciate their work!

Home Inspector

Posted: 11/26/2010 in just an update

Henry thinks that the new granite countertops go nicely with his fur. He also approves of the proximity to watching birds, squirrels and the whereabouts of his humans. I will have a little re-training to do with his “cat-i-quette” once we are occupying the kitchen.

Wish me luck!

T: for Termite Treatment of the perimeter of the house. In the absence of Chlordane, there is some other kind of neurotoxin that keep termites from chewing up the house. I already own Rachel Carson. No lectures.

T: for Terrace. The start of the patio, actually (it’s not terraced — I admit I was reaching for another “T”.) We’ve asked the weather guy to send the rain elsewhere. We’d really like to see that finished!

T: for Timeline. Things are on track for December 7th-ish.

I could probably come up with another “T” or two but I’m too


Time for a slide show!!

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As you can see…

1. Most of the siding is done. We are extremely lucky in that they found a match for our siding!! It is not available any more in the color we chose (it’s been changed slightly) — BUT — somehow our design/build firm found some! (Have I mentioned how much they ROCK?) There will be a slight difference, but not much of one. I’m really appreciative of that extra effort. 🙂

2. All of the cabinetry is in place. Next on the agenda is electrical work (next week) and putting in the patio (also next week). And the granite countertops should also be installed next week. 🙂

3. We’re making our final decision – this time on stain color. Three options: Golden Pecan, Golden Oak and Natural. No, there’s not a lot of difference…  If I get a chance this weekend, I’ll take pictures in better lighting. It was close to dusk when I took these. It’s not too clear what the options are.

Let’s see. Still no disco ball. But what has happened?

  • the folks from Counter Intelligence came and did the template for the granite countertops. We chose a granite called “New Caledonia” (which was not the one we had originally thought we wanted, but it looks really nice with the cabinets and wall color.)  George told us that they had this kind of robotic arm which translated the necessary measurements onto a CAD program of some kind. That would have been cool to watch! (And no, I won’t buy one for you for Christmas!) The countertops should be installed late next week.
  • the kitchen island is secured in place, and they built out the back side of the cabinets so that the outlets can be flush, underneath, not cut into the side of the cabinet.
  • some more cabinets (upper ones) are installed
  • the measuring and cutting for the oven and microwave install has been completed
  • the built in “look” of the cabinet surround for the refrigerator has been started
  • the siding subcontractors are beginning to re-side the back of the house and the addition
  • one of the cats is so stressed she pooped in the tub! (that was no extra charge.)

Here’s a few photos…

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And with that, it’s time to go to work…

Drywall’s up!

Posted: 10/26/2010 in just an update, real life

I’ll post pictures later, (when it is daylight) but the drywall is up! Mudding for day #2 is today. More mudding tomorrow and then it’s time for sanding and LOTS of dust. I won’t be in the space during those days…

Cabinets, appliances, etc. arrive soon.

And I need more coffee…


Temporary storage

Posted: 08/26/2010 in just an update

I did the math and considered our options. We have to rent a storage unit because of the number of areas which will be impacted by remodeling. It’s not JUST the kitchen that’s impacted. Because we are doing a bump out, the workers have to have access to the utility room area beneath the kitchen. That’s where we have our major in-home storage. Yup. It’s all got to be moved or swathed in plastic.


So I called around and found a good deal at Gaithersburg EZ Storage for a ground-level, climate-controlled space. First month’s rent is only $1. There are a few administrative fees to pay, but after seeing what the cheap places look like, and the lack of security that they offer, I’m completely happy with paying a little more.

Today I started figuring out how many more boxes we will need, and which pieces of furniture can be left in place and covered, and which ones have to go to storage. While I had put “storage” as a budget consideration, this will cost more than I anticipated. If we have to rent a truck to haul things, it will be even more.