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We are officially under contract!

The Anthony Wilder Design/Build team came to our home today to make it legal. We met with Anthony, the owner, George and George (architect and lead carpenter), and John (all-round construction guru.) We signed the papers, looked over the plans, and wrote a big check… WOW. It is really going to happen. I’m glad I’m not doing all this sorting and boxing up for nothing! 🙂

The start date is next TUESDAY!
The finish date is around December 3rd.
Yes, that means that I will not be cooking a turkey this Thanksgiving.

Today we also met Shannon (a.k.a. “The Kitchen Whisperer”) from Anthony Wilder at Ferguson’s. We picked out the possibilities for the sink, faucet, drawer/door hardware, and pendant lighting over the island. We’ll see how the pricing shakes out with our selections and the pricing vs. our “allowance.” (Let’s just say I have expensive tastes!)

The pace is starting to build on loading out the furniture that is in the work area, packing up dishes, etc. I haven’t even STARTED the kitchen packing yet, but I’ve thought about it. (Does that count as progress?) We did get the dining room chairs, some art glass, and other things that we can miss for a few months over to the storage unit.

There’s still a lot of work to do, inside and out.

Even the garage and back yard will need some prep before work starts next week. Tonight, Bearded Brewer did the honors on disassembling the ceiling fan on the arbor. The folks from Potomac Fence, who designed and built the arbor,  are helping us with the demolition. The arbor will come down over the next few days. We’ll store the pieces here on the property and hope that they can be put back up before winter hits. Since The Farmer’s Almanac says it is supposed to be a “kindler and gentler winter” it’s a good possibility!

Here’s a view of the back of the house as it is now. Where the arbor is will be the location of the addition for the kitchen. It will start at the corner near the garage and end on the right side of the kitchen window. Then approximately where the kitchen window is now, there will be a sliding door. We are re-using our present one. It will open to a small porch along the side of the addition.

I can’t even tell you what’s next on my “do” list. I just know that there is an INCREDIBLE amount of work and very little time. I’ll update THE list and post it — maybe tomorrow.
But……   EEeeeeep!!!

P.S. Reedy Girl and I filled a “renovation prescription” when we were on our way back from taking a load of furniture to the storage unit. We re-stocked the household on ice cream! Mint Chocolate Chip and something else that was bodaciously chocolate.