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Things are happening, but I confess to having less patience because it seems glacial in its pace. I would like it all to be done now. However, I appreciate that the AWDB team is taking its time and doing things right! So yes – we will be patient. We’ve got about 3+ weeks to go! But here’s the progress we CAN see!

  • The sink and faucet are installed and working
  • The footers have been poured for the new patio
  • The crown molding is starting to go up
  • The fridge is in place!!! (Here was a headache that George, the über-carpenter had to solve: the older, narrow doors on this house meant that the doors and drawers had to be removed so that they could get the fridge inside. Note to self: remember that in future appliance choices in remodeling!)
  • The replacement baseboard is up in parts of the first floor.

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Henry (main dude boss cat) has checked out the window overlooking the bird feeders and back yard and pronounced it good. I’m glad that is settled.

Next week the electrical box repair/heavy up should happen and the painters begin their prep. In the midst of that, our college girl comes home for Thanksgiving break, I have 3 days straight of on-call for  the holiday weekend, and we are negotiating how and where we will have Thanksgiving dinner. (For some reason, no one wants to come to the hospital with me and have a cafeteria food! Go figure!)

T: for Termite Treatment of the perimeter of the house. In the absence of Chlordane, there is some other kind of neurotoxin that keep termites from chewing up the house. I already own Rachel Carson. No lectures.

T: for Terrace. The start of the patio, actually (it’s not terraced — I admit I was reaching for another “T”.) We’ve asked the weather guy to send the rain elsewhere. We’d really like to see that finished!

T: for Timeline. Things are on track for December 7th-ish.

I could probably come up with another “T” or two but I’m too


We’re now at the point where we can see the ‘bones’ of the rough in. It’s pretty amazing to get a feel for what it will look like.

This week the major demolition was done. I had the kind of week at work where quite truthfully I wish I had been given a hammer to smash some things. It might have helped my disposition. Be that as it may, enough of the changes are happening that we are feeling like we know what it is going to be like.

And it’s amazing!

After the demo was done, the next big tasks were to install the new kitchen window, remove the old kitchen window, and move the sliding door to its new location near the dining room. Then the interior wall came down (which used to be one side of the kitchen backing to the front hall), and the bulkhead was reduced. Standing in the space with the new footprint and some of the rough wall outlines gives a pretty clear idea of how it will look.

Take a look and see what you think!

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well, this is attractive

Posted: 09/20/2010 in dirt

Our County seems to have unusual rules now for “new” construction (even when it is added on to old). Not only did the county inspector check out the footers and the foundation of the addition, he also was insistent that the water drains be taken further down the hill from the house. So this has resulted in a lovely bit of “yard art”:

This trench starts behind the garage, goes under the fence, and down along 2/3 of the side of the driveway. It also means that we can’t get into our back yard because the trench is not filled in yet.

Tonight we worked on getting the laundry and storage area ready for plastic and other protections to be put in place for the duration of construction. The biggest problem is that once the dust containment walls are up, we can go into the construction area during nonworking hours, but run the risk of tracking dirt and dust into the rest of the house. So my main refrigerator and freezer, not to mention the washer, dryer and pantry, are all inside this containment. There’s no other place to put them though… so we’ll deal.

No choice. We have to!