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Let’s Play I Spy…

Posted: 12/10/2010 in cat herding

I spy a cat behind the curtain…  under the covers… behind the TV console…

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Now I’m just picturing what it is going to be like to get them back IN those cat carriers in a few days…

Camping with Cats

Posted: 12/08/2010 in cat herding

You’ve heard of Dancing with Wolves? Well, tonight we’re Camping with Cats. They were indeed successfully corralled last night into carriers, transported (yelling all the way) and installed in a hotel room. They’ve spent the day freaking out.

Now it’s time to sleep, and somehow I don’t think I’m going to get much sleep. Not to mention that the hotel heat pump doesn’t seem to keep up with the wind chill. It’s COLD outside!

Word from the street is that the floors were sanded and stained (thus we are “camping”) and look amazing. Two coats of polyurethane, a little drying time and de-stink-a-fying, and if it all goes well, we’ll be home before the weekend is over!


With big stuff going on at work, a boatload of assignments due for the students among us, and that whole December shopping thing, (which I haven’t even started!!) it’s a little crazy around here. I kind of had a “What were you thinking???” moment when I looked at this week’s schedule.

For one thing, we have to negotiate moving 3 cats out of the house this week. They can’t be in the house during the floors’ refinishing because of the fumes. Polyurethane fumes are hard enough on human lungs, let alone our furry kids. So when we have to sequester them, we have to find the most paranoid/psychotic one first. Once she figures out the carriers are out, all bets are off. Have you ever tried to get a cat out from under a king sized waterbed? We’ve used a vacuum (to scare her out where we can grab her) but it’s amazing how a frightened cat has no “handles.”

So if we survive that, the stress of the car ride, and re-situating them in a strange hotel room, I think we’re good. But it did make me think of this old EDS commercial:

For a true “WHAT were they thinking??” moment, check out this video of an Ikea store in Great Britain who let 100 cats loose in the store. Seriously. I wonder at the brain cells (or lack there of)…

Today’s on-site construction meeting was helpful in terms of getting those final pieces in place. We really are close to the end. But the thought occurs to me — what will it be like to get up and have breakfast without George showing up? 🙂