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well, YUM!!!!!

Posted: 02/08/2011 in AWDB TLC :)

Today we received a box of citrus from our design/build firm. It was a box of “Honeybells” — a hybrid of grapefruit and tangerine. Oh. My. Goodness. They were sooooooo juicy! (and I do mean JUICY!!) We slurped down the first ones before dinner.

I know you’re thinking, “but wasn’t that job done in December?” Well, yes. It was. And usually contractors disappear when the final check is written. That is one of the outstanding differences with our AWDB folks. They have been around to help with the little things that need “help” after a move-in. They’ve patiently answered questions. They’ve taken care of the issues that we got little-to-no response from with a sub-contractor.

And then. This box of citrus arrives.

That slurping sound you hear is our enjoying a second one for dessert.

We’re in the final stages of this project. It’s hard to believe. We started thinking about doing this remodeling job a year ago. It took six months of research and interviewing before we found a company we trusted. And it took three more months to get a design and begin the process.

Yesterday most of the punchlist was completed. There were very few items for the punchlist, and they were all minor tweaks. And I do mean “minor”! The few that remain are miniscule. A “great” contractor makes the punchlist a minor part of the process. In the past (with other contractors), the punchlist has seemed like half of the job.

Our neighbors are grateful that the outward signs of a big remodeling job are almost all gone. There’s no dumpster in the front yard (we seriously thought about decorating it with Christmas lights!) and the Anthony Wilder sign is also down. And when we had coffee this morning, we didn’t see George!

The kitchen was well used yesterday for baking cookies, bread and cooking a wonderful dinner. (FYI – “Taste of Thai” spicy peanut seasoning on tilapia, baked in the oven, is DELICIOUS!) The dining room is set up and I’m working on decorating it for Christmas. We still have a few miscellaneous pieces of furniture that need placing, but all in all, I’m very happy with how things are looking.

The other part of a “great” contractor is the warranty service. They will be back in the spring to re-seed and grade the back yard, and to recover the area in front where the dumpster was. They are also going to do some ongoing work with installation issues relating to the fridge. We didn’t have to ask — it was offered and handled for us. In the next month or two, the AWDB team will also host the subcontractors for breakfast so that they can see the finished project. They will also do a professional photo shoot of their work. They are proud of what they do!

Word on the street is that if you “hate” your contractor at the end of a job, that’s pretty typical. I can’t say that at all – in fact, we appreciate them! (And George can stop by for coffee any time! 🙂 )

P.S. Purtified pictures up in a few days. I’m still settling the pantry and cabinets.

Punchlists and pictures!

Posted: 12/16/2010 in AWDB TLC :)

The place is not settled in at all (in fact it is kind of a mad chaos of boxes) but here’s some shots of the kitchen! Today CJ baked the inaugural batch of her amazing brownies, and I actually fixed dinner on a REAL stove!! And we at a REAL table with real silverware. I did not get the dishes from storage yet, so we had to make do with some plastic plates, but hey. Progress!!!

Wednesday the AWDB “Swat Team” came through and did some final cleaning and checking of the installation and the kitchen itself. They left us a really cool “welcome to your new space” gift. If you are a future client, I don’t want to spoil the surprise by telling you the specifics. It was just one more little thing that sets this company apart from the others.

Today we did a walk-through and had a very small “punch list” of items to be fixed. One of them involves the pantry, which can’t be finished because I have to exchange some things for the things that will work. You never know until you are IN the space what will work and what won’t. The Container Store is SOoooo easy that way. We will take the “ooops” items and get some things exchanged. Easy.

On with the slide show! When we are really moved in and there’s fewer boxes, I’ll add some more shots. Trust me, we are really happy! 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Things are progressing but it seems way too S-L-O-W-L-Y for me. I am off two days this week and had hoped to get the kitchen 75% loaded in on Tuesday so that we could start using the kitchen this week. I confess to being pretty sick of the washtub/toaster oven/microwave/paper plates kind of life. But the news at the meeting this morning was clear. Unfortunately, no. 😦 But by Saturday, we will be! So that’s pretty cool.

We have to wait for the final inspection to take place from the county, for the  walk-through and punch list to be done, and for a boatload of electrical trim, hardware installation, painting touch-ups, etc. etc. etc… It’s a lot of the little extras that make the difference though between a “slop job” and an AWDB job. Guess which one I’d rather have? 😉

This weekend is the last weekend before Christmas and I had hoped to have the tree up, cookies baked, and get someone home from college. The last one WILL happen. We’ll see about the others.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted: 11/26/2010 in AWDB TLC :)

Courtesy of the folks at Anthony Wilder, we were given a gift card to the restaurant of our choice. It’s one of the ways that they help ease the stress of not having a kitchen for so long. We opted for a gift card to Clyde’s at Tower Oaks. Since we were not going to have a kitchen for Thanksgiving, we opted to use our card this week. (Actually, since I had to work at the hospital on Thanksgiving Day, we went out to dinner on Wednesday night. It was still packed!)

It was first time we had dined at Clyde’s as a family, but everyone found something delicious for dinner. (We are glad we are past the “chicken nuggets at a restaurant” phase of parenting!) It was a nice change of pace from the microwave, the crock-pot, and the grill, our main methods of cooking right now. We enjoyed Thai-seasoned calamari and artichoke-crab dip for starters, and parmesan crusted trout, shrimp linguine and filet mignon for the entrees.

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And we also saved room for dessert: hot apple pie with cinnamon ice cream, crème brûlée, homemade chocolate ice cream and cookies and best brownie sundae ever. We shared. We liked. We had none for take-home.

And we are really grateful for this extra TLC offered to AWDB clients. Thanks!