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And now…. a pergola!

Posted: 06/15/2011 in just an update

We always called it an “arbor” — only to discover that it is properly called a “pergola.” Not to be confused with a “cupola”. Anyway, it’s been redesigned and rebuilt. And we think it looks pretty nice! 🙂 It’s the next-to-the-last stop in our remodeled kitchen being completed. One of the last bits yet to be done is a small amount of yard reconstruction. (The grass has never really forgiven us for the traffic and construction crews!) And for our part, we have to find the screws that hold on the outdoor fan blades! (Now where did we put them???!!!!!)

The pergola has re-purposed three of the six lattice panels from the old structure. The lattice helps with shade from the later afternoon sun, and also gives a little privacy. But it doesn’t spoil the view of the yard and our assorted critters, as Henry shows us. The human members of the household have found the new patio and pergola a pleasant place to chill. We had a wonderful supper outside the other night in one of those rare, low humidity, pleasant June nights.

Enjoy the views of the kitchen through the big window, too. 🙂

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P.S. Forgot to mention! (Sorry, Joel!) The pergola was designed and built by Fine Earth Landscape, Inc.  We really appreciate their work!