Like molasses in… December!

Posted: 12/13/2010 in almost ready to go!, AWDB TLC :)

Things are progressing but it seems way too S-L-O-W-L-Y for me. I am off two days this week and had hoped to get the kitchen 75% loaded in on Tuesday so that we could start using the kitchen this week. I confess to being pretty sick of the washtub/toaster oven/microwave/paper plates kind of life. But the news at the meeting this morning was clear. Unfortunately, no. 😦 But by Saturday, we will be! So that’s pretty cool.

We have to wait for the final inspection to take place from the county, for the  walk-through and punch list to be done, and for a boatload of electrical trim, hardware installation, painting touch-ups, etc. etc. etc… It’s a lot of the little extras that make the difference though between a “slop job” and an AWDB job. Guess which one I’d rather have? 😉

This weekend is the last weekend before Christmas and I had hoped to have the tree up, cookies baked, and get someone home from college. The last one WILL happen. We’ll see about the others.


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