Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted: 11/26/2010 in AWDB TLC :)

Courtesy of the folks at Anthony Wilder, we were given a gift card to the restaurant of our choice. It’s one of the ways that they help ease the stress of not having a kitchen for so long. We opted for a gift card to Clyde’s at Tower Oaks. Since we were not going to have a kitchen for Thanksgiving, we opted to use our card this week. (Actually, since I had to work at the hospital on Thanksgiving Day, we went out to dinner on Wednesday night. It was still packed!)

It was first time we had dined at Clyde’s as a family, but everyone found something delicious for dinner. (We are glad we are past the “chicken nuggets at a restaurant” phase of parenting!) It was a nice change of pace from the microwave, the crock-pot, and the grill, our main methods of cooking right now. We enjoyed Thai-seasoned calamari and artichoke-crab dip for starters, and parmesan crusted trout, shrimp linguine and filet mignon for the entrees.

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And we also saved room for dessert: hot apple pie with cinnamon ice cream, crème brûlée, homemade chocolate ice cream and cookies and best brownie sundae ever. We shared. We liked. We had none for take-home.

And we are really grateful for this extra TLC offered to AWDB clients. Thanks!

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