Notes on the latest

Posted: 11/11/2010 in deliveries, just an update

Let’s see. Still no disco ball. But what has happened?

  • the folks from Counter Intelligence came and did the template for the granite countertops. We chose a granite called “New Caledonia” (which was not the one we had originally thought we wanted, but it looks really nice with the cabinets and wall color.)  George told us that they had this kind of robotic arm which translated the necessary measurements onto a CAD program of some kind. That would have been cool to watch! (And no, I won’t buy one for you for Christmas!) The countertops should be installed late next week.
  • the kitchen island is secured in place, and they built out the back side of the cabinets so that the outlets can be flush, underneath, not cut into the side of the cabinet.
  • some more cabinets (upper ones) are installed
  • the measuring and cutting for the oven and microwave install has been completed
  • the built in “look” of the cabinet surround for the refrigerator has been started
  • the siding subcontractors are beginning to re-side the back of the house and the addition
  • one of the cats is so stressed she pooped in the tub! (that was no extra charge.)

Here’s a few photos…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And with that, it’s time to go to work…

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