Waiting for their final answer…

Posted: 11/04/2010 in time to write a nasty letter

When our contractor opened up the electrical box to begin the electrical part of the remodeling job, he found some things from a previous “heavy up” that were done poorly, to say the least.  So, before they go ahead with adding the new circuits and hooking up new appliances, they have requested that the county come back and inspect the box. Because… if the previous contractor screwed it up, we have some leverage to get some $$$ back (the current estimate to fix the box, at COST, is about $2K!)

The other wrinkle is that apparently the previous contractor did not pull a permit to do the “heavy up” (another no-no). I’ve already mentioned that they combined aluminum and copper wiring and put 20 amp breakers on 15 amp circuits of ALUMINUM WIRING!!!

Yeah. That’s kind of a problem, too.

The only saving grace here is that if the box fails inspection (which we HOPE that it will) — we will probably have our cost reduced. And the previous contractor will get a nice fine.

I’d just like to say, if you are looking for an electrical contractor, do NOT use Hawkins. Run, don’t walk, the other way when they offer to do work for you. We’ve learned our lesson.


The box didn’t “fail” per se, but we can’t add any circuits to it. We are going to do that by having our design/build firm’s electrical subcontractor do an incremental “heavy up” (to 200 from 150) and change out the circuits which are over-subscribed or incorrectly combined. They are also going to use the correct kind of fasteners for the legacy aluminum wiring. And they are going to write up all of the previous contractors error so that we can try and recoup some money. (I’m not counting on it… but we are sure going to try!)

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