It’s another EEEEeeeep!!! moment

Posted: 11/02/2010 in deliveries, EEEeeeeep!

So today the cabinets and appliances were delivered. EEEEEEeeeeeeeep!!!

Yes, I confess to being excited. However, the when I put the hardware up to the cabinets, it immediately made the decision for me. The one in the middle (the knob) is the clear winner. The other knob is the wrong color, and the pull is just not right. It looks too “busy” to me. I know these things are subjective. But I also know when I know that I know.

SOoo… first pictures of the cabinets:


And the floor (which was installed yesterday – I had a 12 hour shift and didn’t get to take pictures…):


And a bonus – appliances wrapped in plastic wrap (contain your excitement!):

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