Pictures of the decisions…

Posted: 10/31/2010 in decisions, deliveries

SO… here’s the color swatches on the walls:


I personally like the color on the left. I’m outvoted at the moment. Our kitchen cabinets will be cherry with an ‘espresso’ glaze. (I know, sounds appetizing!) The granite will have a lighter beige/brown base color and flecks of black and steel blue are throughout.

And here’s the knobs/pulls for the cabinets:


I like the pull on the right. I’m the lone vote on this one, too. We have to reach an agreement soon, because time’s a wastin’!!

The good news is that the cabinets are coming this week, as well as the appliances. I’m excited about that.

  1. Tricia says:

    Duct tape. Functional, but ugly. (Tape attached to inside of drawers/doors, so it won’t mar the finish if it ever comes off…)

    I’m with you on option B – that will add a little visual interest over having everything be the same.

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