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SO… here’s the color swatches on the walls:


I personally like the color on the left. I’m outvoted at the moment. Our kitchen cabinets will be cherry with an ‘espresso’ glaze. (I know, sounds appetizing!) The granite will have a lighter beige/brown base color and flecks of black and steel blue are throughout.

And here’s the knobs/pulls for the cabinets:


I like the pull on the right. I’m the lone vote on this one, too. We have to reach an agreement soon, because time’s a wastin’!!

The good news is that the cabinets are coming this week, as well as the appliances. I’m excited about that.

Decisions right now on…

Posted: 10/28/2010 in decisions

…knobs/pulls for the kitchen

…floor trim

…wall color

At the moment we aren’t in agreement on any of them. This is not fun.

There’s sample colors on the walls so that we can decide what shade we like. (We’re in the “grey blue” family.)  There’s sample hardware for the kitchen drawers and doors.

I’m too tired to make decisions, but need to soon. I’ll try and post pictures later today. In the meantime, it’s time to head to work and get ready for my RotoRooter appointment in the afternoon, oh Joy.

Drywall’s up!

Posted: 10/26/2010 in just an update, real life

I’ll post pictures later, (when it is daylight) but the drywall is up! Mudding for day #2 is today. More mudding tomorrow and then it’s time for sanding and LOTS of dust. I won’t be in the space during those days…

Cabinets, appliances, etc. arrive soon.

And I need more coffee…


The plumbing inspection passed yesterday! Now we are waiting on the electrical inspector this morning. It is pretty dicey. And it is annoying.

Apparently previous contractors, such as the one which did the heavy-up on our service 10 years ago, did not do it within code. So if our box fails, we are looking at a much MUCH larger project… and delays. Hopefully it isn’t anything too substantial, but you never know.

I’m trying to not get anxious. It’s not like our design/build firm is causing the issue. In fact, they’ve been honest with us. The problem is that when the “heavy up” was done, the contractor combined circuits. Circuits of ALUMINUM wiring! Circuits which we thought were properly handled (and which we paid big bucks for them to fix).


So now — we are waiting for the other shoe to drop…

This is no movie…

Posted: 10/17/2010 in real life

This is what we do when we need to wash dishes…

We gather up the spoons, bowls and coffee mugs…
Then we head downstairs to the front door…
We go out the front door, down the steps, over to the garage, in through the construction zone…
Down into the basement, into the laundry room…
And wash them in the set tub by the washer.

When they are clean…

We dry them…
Carry them up the basement steps…
Through the construction zone…
Out through the garage, between the cars to the front door…
Up the stairs to our bedroom-made-kitchen…
And put them all away.

“Only” about 8 more weeks of this.

P.S. I have a movie of it, but it’s in the wrong format. So… you’ll just have to imagine it!

Today’s construction update is brought to you by the word, “ROOF!” (as in… we have one!)


So a guy takes his dog down to a talent show audition to see if they can get on TV. The judges ask, “what’s his talent?”

And the guy says, “he can talk!” “Wow!” say the judges, “let’s hear him!”

The guy has his dog sit and then starts asking him questions:
“Rover! What is the opposite of smooth?” The dog says, “RRRRUFFF!”
“Rover! What’s on top of a house?” The dog says, “RRRROOOF!”
“Rover! Who was the greatest baseball player of all time?” The dog thinks about it and then says, “RUUUUTH!”

The judges get mad and yell, “you are a fraud!!” and kick them out. And the poor guy and his dog are standing on a corner, all dejected and sad, when the dog looks up at him and says, “Maybe I should have said ‘DiMaggio’?”


And…. sorry. But we’re getting a little punchy here…

We’re now at the point where we can see the ‘bones’ of the rough in. It’s pretty amazing to get a feel for what it will look like.

This week the major demolition was done. I had the kind of week at work where quite truthfully I wish I had been given a hammer to smash some things. It might have helped my disposition. Be that as it may, enough of the changes are happening that we are feeling like we know what it is going to be like.

And it’s amazing!

After the demo was done, the next big tasks were to install the new kitchen window, remove the old kitchen window, and move the sliding door to its new location near the dining room. Then the interior wall came down (which used to be one side of the kitchen backing to the front hall), and the bulkhead was reduced. Standing in the space with the new footprint and some of the rough wall outlines gives a pretty clear idea of how it will look.

Take a look and see what you think!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s a challenge to cook without a kitchen. Our temporary cooking space is actually in our college girl’s bedroom. There’s a mini-fridge, microwave, electric kettle, electric skillet and crockpot on her desk. I also kept my blender out for when a smoothie just sounds good.

But — without a stove and oven, it’s a challenge.

Tonight’s gourmet guide suggests:
chicken breast medallions with vegetables in a curry sauce (pre-cut chicken, which was cut up and then frozen; vegetable medley, frozen; jar of Patak’s mild curry cooking sauce)
Brown rice (microwaved pre-packaged Seeds of Change spiced rice and lentils)

(a little blurry – sorry!)

I’d offer you some, but there’s not much in the way of leftovers! 🙂

The best laid-plans (and communication) can go awry.

Today the entire kitchen was demo’d and all of the appliances were removed. I thought I had another day or two. (I did not check the master schedule – it was our fault! They had warned us.) Fortunately, I was able to get something leftover (ka-bobs from the weekend) to warm up for dinner without too much trouble. I moved all of the contents from the kitchen fridge to the basement freezer and fridge. We also had to take down a dust wall to get some things out of the dining room. I had not finished cleaning that area out, and so… well… we had to do a bit of extra work tonight, work that we were not exactly planning on doing… but had to be done, nonetheless.

The good news is we have done 99% of the work for the construction moving/packing/relocating. The last bit will be when we have to be out of the way for the installation of the floors… in about 6 weeks.

So it’s out with the old…

And in with the temporary…

Until we get to the new!!