well, this is attractive

Posted: 09/20/2010 in dirt

Our County seems to have unusual rules now for “new” construction (even when it is added on to old). Not only did the county inspector check out the footers and the foundation of the addition, he also was insistent that the water drains be taken further down the hill from the house. So this has resulted in a lovely bit of “yard art”:

This trench starts behind the garage, goes under the fence, and down along 2/3 of the side of the driveway. It also means that we can’t get into our back yard because the trench is not filled in yet.

Tonight we worked on getting the laundry and storage area ready for plastic and other protections to be put in place for the duration of construction. The biggest problem is that once the dust containment walls are up, we can go into the construction area during nonworking hours, but run the risk of tracking dirt and dust into the rest of the house. So my main refrigerator and freezer, not to mention the washer, dryer and pantry, are all inside this containment. There’s no other place to put them though… so we’ll deal.

No choice. We have to!

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