half-past exhausted

Posted: 09/06/2010 in almost ready to go!, clutter


We have 90% of the heavy lifting done. All but the two remaining pieces in the family room are moved, either to storage or to the living room (which has become furniture central!) I’m waiting to carefully cover the furniture until I am sure that (1) all of the cats are sequestered out of the storage and construction areas and (2) we have finished hauling in the last pieces (our present kitchen table and chairs.)

In the mean time, we took 4 car loads to the storage unit in the last two days. We boxed up everything except our “every day” dishes. We cleared a path in the garage for the work men to store/work. And we had plants moved which would be in the way of the construction. I have one more plant I need to move because it is a sentimental plant for me — it was in my grandmother’s garden.

I am half-past exhausted, but it feels good to be close to being done with this phase.


  1. start EARLIER. I mean it. Begin boxing up your kitchen a month ahead of time. Unless you are having formal dinners, you can get the china and crystal packed up first. (I know – DUH.)
  2. watch Freecycle or Craig’s List for boxes and begin storing them for future use WELL in advance. I have been on scrounging missions and it takes so much time! And buying them is very expensive.
  3. Most of the storage places have really good prices on plain newsprint, unless you want to buy it wholesale and pay shipping. I figured it out. it comes out about the same.
  4. Get help. We didn’t. And we’re sorry. (If you’re friends of ours, we’ll spring for pizza and beer if you’ll help with the move-in!)
  5. Storage places which are climate-controlled, have good security and have a ground-floor unit open for rent are worth their weight in gold. I’m glad we got one!
  6. Tape. Lots of it. And if you don’t have a “real” packing tape dispenser, get one. The cheap plastic jobs that come pre-loaded from Scotch brand tape are junk. You heard it here first.
  7. Markers. I’ve used up two. Because…. I…
  8. LABEL EVERY BOX with as specific a list as possible. The list is on the top and on one side. If I had to stop packing a box and finish it later, I made a quick list on an inside flap so that I would not forget what was neatly packed in the bottom of the box!
  9. NewsPAPER for crushing and creating a pad for the bottom of the box. NewsPRINT (plain) for the actual wrapping. That way I can tell what is a wrapped item, and what is just crumpled paper.
  10. Bubblewrap. I love it.
  11. You can take out the furnishings and boxes in dribs and drabs as you get it packed. But for move-in, we will be getting a truck, making one big hairy load and getting it over with.
  12. Medicinal pedicures can never be over-rated. I need one. It will happen tomorrow. The same can be said for a nice wine cooler (yes, I know, girlie drink) or a good IPA at the end of the day.
  13. We have way too much stuff. (Which is not meant to dissuade any of our friends from helping us move it all back! 🙂 )
  1. Tricia says:

    Ooh – #9 is a great tip! For all kinds of packing.

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