Just like dorm life…

Posted: 08/29/2010 in temp kitchen

This last week we moved our college girl back into her dorm. As we helped her get settled, I thought to myself, “Wow. Mini-fridge. Microwave. Coffee/water pot. Basket of a few plates and utensils. Hmmmmm. During remodeling, we’ll be living it up like dorm life.”

We’re still debating how much of what to have where for our remodeling kitchen. I found out late last week that where I WAS going to have a temporary kitchen, they will be digging through the foundation to attach the “new” space to the old space. Concrete dust al fresco, anyone? Nope. THAT won’t work. Once that part of the work is done, though, we will be able to have some semblance of a temporary kitchen in the basement.

It did bring to mind one “apartment” I lived in when I was young, poor and single and working in New Jersey. I had the third floor of a home. I had a microwave, fridge and toaster oven in my bathroom (It was a HUGE bathroom!) and did my dishes in my sink. It was a creative, cheap way to live… for a while.

I didn’t think I’d be re-living that experience again. But really, I’m just grateful we will have running water and electricity. 🙂

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