Excavation and discovery mode

Posted: 08/28/2010 in clutter

So I went and cleaned out my desk in the family room. Truth be told, I don’t sit at it much. It doesn’t have good storage for bills and the fold-down desk is not big enough for anything more than a laptop. The shelving is sized for books, as long as they aren’t bigger than a standard 1 inch binder. But it was my grandfather’s desk and it holds a lot of helpful things like cards and smaller office supplies…

However, in the process of cleaning out and boxing up the contents, I found I had a bit to throw away. For instance there were school directories from six years ago! And I unearthed some partially used and now dried up office supplies (pens, ink pads, glue, paint, etc.)

I have four Freecycle collections posted and awaiting their eager recipients. I found some great resources to send to one of my sisters who is a media specialist at an elementary school. But the ultimate finds were several unused, unopened 90 minute cassette tapes, and a folder of carbon paper. I considered donating them as artifacts to the Smithsonian… but nope! They are being Freecycled too.

One thing I’m not sharing? A wad of twenties I found in a birthday card from a few years ago. 🙂 Yippee!!! A BONUS!!

  1. Tricia says:

    Hey, lots of people knit and crochet with cassette tape these days! I wonder if that’s what your freecycler has planned? :^)

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