Today’s tasks

Posted: 08/27/2010 in almost ready to go!

1. pack up pictures and art on the walls on the first floor

2. begin to pack up the college girl’s closet (we are relocating coats, etc to her room)

3. get a haircut for myself and the high school girl

4. pizza for dinner!

Edited to add…

We took nine boxes in the afternoon and I’ve just scratched the surface. I either need less stuff or bigger boxes. I’m guessing, however, that the answer is “less stuff.”

  1. Tricia says:

    “Less stuff” usually is the answer. I still have some boxes that I packed up 5 years ago when we started our current mostly-DIY kitchen remodel, that I have not yet unpacked. But because we had made an inventory of what went in which box, when I recently HAD to find that 70s fondue pot I’d promised to take to a party, I was able to identify which box it was in and where we’d stored the box. One of my projects come October (when I transition from part-time employment to eating bon bons on the couch) is to finally unpack those boxes, and probably get rid of a lot of things we should have donated way back then.

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