Temporary storage

Posted: 08/26/2010 in just an update

I did the math and considered our options. We have to rent a storage unit because of the number of areas which will be impacted by remodeling. It’s not JUST the kitchen that’s impacted. Because we are doing a bump out, the workers have to have access to the utility room area beneath the kitchen. That’s where we have our major in-home storage. Yup. It’s all got to be moved or swathed in plastic.


So I called around and found a good deal at Gaithersburg EZ Storage for a ground-level, climate-controlled space. First month’s rent is only $1. There are a few administrative fees to pay, but after seeing what the cheap places look like, and the lack of security that they offer, I’m completely happy with paying a little more.

Today I started figuring out how many more boxes we will need, and which pieces of furniture can be left in place and covered, and which ones have to go to storage. While I had put “storage” as a budget consideration, this will cost more than I anticipated. If we have to rent a truck to haul things, it will be even more.

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